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Launch of the first Malaysia Human Development Report

As conditions change, Malaysia needs second generation policies that prioritise inclusive growth to achieve Vision 2020

Bloomberg TV Malaysia: Moving Malaysia - The Malaysia Human Development Report 2013

The Malaysian Insider: Malaysia reaping inequality, corruption and racial envy from race-based policies

Durian Asean: A spotlight on socio-economic inequality

New Straits Times: UN lauds poverty reduction

Bernama: Laporan puji kejayaan Malaysia

Sinar Harian: Jurang kemiskinan tidak pernah berubah

The Malaysian Insider: The reality of Malaysia's economic pollicies

The Malaysian Insider: Growth, income distribution and poverty in Malaysia

The Malaysian Insider: With zero savings, majority of Malaysians face dire straits in emergencies

Bernama: Over 90 per cent of Malaysians have savings accounts for rainy days, says BNM Governor

The Malaysian Insider: Discrimination keeps most Malaysian women out of formal job market, says report

Malaysian Digest: Selangor Budget 2015 - Brave & accountable, not just populist

The Malay Mail: Rich Malay, poor Malay a bigger national issue, says Anwar

The Malaysian Insider: Putrajaya fails to plan effectively for future Felda settlers, says report

The Malaysian Insider: Review the NEP

The Star: MHDR authors defend 'staggering' findings

The Malaysian Insider: Zero household savings is staggering, and true

The Malaysian Insider: Passed over for promotions, Sarawak Dayaks seethe at civil service discrimination

The Rakyat Post: PM must note allegations made by East Malaysian natives

The Malaysian Insider: Putrajaya claims reduced poverty, but UN report shows more poor Malaysians

The Rakyat Post: Govt's poverty measurement outdated, claims Nurul Izzah

The Establishment Post: Malaysia's fuel subsidy removal - Unpopular but necessary

Borneo Post: Loud calls for fairer treatment of Dayaks in federal civil service

The Malaysian Insider: Just how many households are running on empty?

The Edge: My say - What do Malaysians want?

The Malaysia NHDR Challenge

Youth of Malaysia share winning idea for an inclusive future

Video votes: The Malaysia we want

Development the Orang Asli way

Astro Awani: Orang Asli development in Malaysia

Berita Harian: Ratu skuasy merantau belantara

The Star: Indigenous lessons for UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Nicol David

Nicol David’s vlog: My day with the Orang Asli

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​All stories listed here are intended to provide an overview of the national dialogue on MHDR and Malaysia's growth and development, and do not necessarily represent the views of UNDP Malaysia.

Malaysia needs
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Youths share
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Nicol David's vlog:
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