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Full Report [19MB] [66MB]

Executive Summary [227KB] [461KB]

Foreword, Preface & Acknowledgements [259KB] [553KB]

Contents [141KB] [408KB]

Chapter 1: Inclusive Growth: Meaning, Importance and Timeliness [663KB] [3MB]

Chapter 2: Conceptual and Policy Framework [591KB] [3MB]

Chapter 3: NEP, Growth and Imbalances in Malaysia, 1970 – 2012 [2MB] [8MB]

Chapter 4: Social Mobility in Malaysia [1MB] [7MB]

Chapter 5: Analytics of Inclusive Growth in Malaysia [1.5MB] [3MB]

Chapter 6: Income Inequalities and Other Imbalances in Malaysia [1MB] [4MB]

Chapter 7: Deprivation and Capability: Household and Personal Aspects [2MB] [7MB]

Chapter 8: A Spatial Economy and Environmental Sustainability of Malaysia [1MB] [2MB]

Chapter 9: Women and Inclusive Growth in Malaysia [1MB] [4MB]

Chapter 10: Bumiputera Minorities and Development Process in Malaysia [1.4MB] [2MB]

Chapter 11: Institutional Issues for Inclusive Growth [1MB] [7MB]

Chapter 12: Law and Its Implications on Inclusiveness [738KB] [1MB]

Chapter 13: Conclusion and Policy Recommendations [2MB] [5MB]

References & Appendices [4MB] [12MB]

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