Human Development in Malaysia

Over the past four decades, Malaysia has achieved remarkable results in the implementation of its growth-with-distribution strategy, reducing poverty from almost 50% of the population in 1970, to a mere 1.7% in 2012, as well as narrowing inter-ethnic inequality through its affirmative action policies. However, there are remaining gaps and issues that require specific attention such as pockets of poverty, urban vulnerable groups, gender inequality, spatial disparities, vertical inequalities and coordination of government programmes at local levels, among others. 

Thus, emphasising inclusive growth as both an outcome and a process, the first Malaysia Human Development Report focuses on the two policy realms of high growth and inclusiveness by placing them under a coherent analytical framework. It places multidimensional human development at the centre of the country’s growth discourse, focusing on national policy formulation and consensus building among national stakeholders with clear linkage to national priorities. 

Malaysia ranked against international Human Development Indicators:

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